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The Protean Lineage is a thealogically liberal downline within the Gardnerian family, dedicated to exploring the dynamic balance of continuity and change that keeps our Tradition alive. We believe that there is no such thing as a completed education, so we seek to develop our skills as priests and priestesses throughout our active lives. We draw our power and inspiration from Nature and offer our personal creativity in service to the Gods, the people, and the Earth.

Our lineage was founded by Judith Harrow after she hived from Iargolan Coven in New York City. Proteus Coven started in New York and eventually relocated to Harrison, NJ where Judy remained its High Priestess until her death in March of 2014. At that point in time, Proteus Coven was closed down. This site is an adaptation of the Proteus Coven website and is dedicated to all those who seek. It is also dedicated to Judy’s memory.

We hope it will grow to be increasingly useful to our community as time goes on. May the thoughts contained here, and the manner of their sharing, bring good to many, harm to none, and honor to the Ancient Gods!

Update: As of 10/10/2020, the Library page is now up and available. In addition, all posts in the General Information category are available as blog posts and downloadable PDF files (links at the bottom of the article’s page). You can also access all pages from the menu above. More to come very soon!

Update: As of 10/27/2020, many links have been added to the Library page and the menu. There is still a lot more work to do but progress is steady. Be aware that this site is a virtual TARDIS in that it looks small on the outside but is unbelievably extensive within. There are yet many links that do not work, and I am certain there are plenty of broken links as well. If you find broken links, please report them on the Contact page. I am in awe of the work that Judy and several others invested in creating the original site.

Update: On February 27, 2024, I was forced to remove the contact link on this page due to excessive spam being sent to me. Once I get that issue fixed, I will reinstate the contact page.


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