Liberal Thealogy

What does it mean to be a Liberal Gardnerian Witch?

A Liberal Gardnerian Witch

  • has a verifiable lineage that can be traced to Gerald Gardner.
  • was ritually Initiated into the Gardnerian family by either an inherited ritual or one adapted to current needs and understandings with the advice and consent of the adaptor’s immediate elders.
  • is willing to recognize the validity of all Gardnerians so Initiated, not just those brought in by one or another particular ritual script.
  • finds meaning in the models and metaphors thus far created by the Gardnerian community and is willing to participate in the ongoing process of adaptation and co-creation that keeps our Tradition alive.
  • believes that the window of Sacred inspiration is never closed to sincere seekers, that the Old Gods speak to us just as They did to Gerald Gardner.
  • finds value in association with other Gardnerians under conditions of mutual respect.

If you share this vision of a liberal, inclusive Gardnerian Witchcraft, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us.

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by Judy Harrow

updated: February 15, 2000; © 2000, by Judy Harrow