Magic is Not Easy

Magic is not Easy


Magic is not easy
not Presto Chango
Hocus Pocus
snap your fingers
all is changed

Magic is not easy
will not do it
spin around twice
and all is changed

Nothing changes
Magic is not easy
nothing moves
unless the heart is in it
unless the will is in it

rainbow light magic
think good thoughts and all will be well
budges nothing
flits along
like a half-turned smirk
unable to grow
into a laugh
magic is not easy

everything is connected
like it or not
never mind that it does not compute
everything is connected

If you would do magic, listen
start here
everything is connected
nothing moves
unless the heart is in it
unless the will is in it
Magic is not easy

Simple words won’t do
chanting the same song
day in day out every full or new moon
is not enough
if the mouth is singing
“Hail unto Thee Spirits of the South”
while the mind is humming
budgets and schedules and where
did I leave those keys
this is not ritual
only rote
and we have more than enough of that
thank you
Magic is not easy.

If you would do magic
Magic is fed by the heart
made manifest by the will
the minister who leads his flock
to pray for the death of a supreme court justice
is doing magic
BAD magic, murky stuff
but the heart is there
a heart full of pain
and no one can doubt the will

The adolescent boy who dismembered my cat
or the one who stuck knives through the lungs
through the heart of his former friend
singing some crap
all the while about
Satan or the devil
was doing magic

Bad, bad medicine
but the heart was there
a heart full of fear and pain
and the will was clear
made manifest through a
convenient channel
It is always easier to invoke
what you have learned to name external
when the demons inside
the ones whose true names are
self-doubt and self-hate
have grown sufficiently strong
when our children search for
outlaw status
seeking to flee the mirrors in our,
in their own eyes
sometimes purple hair
or a pin through the cheek
some punk version of Jesse James
won’t do it.

When we will not
touch our own demons
we invent others
or worse
sing the names of demons
invented for us

Magic is not easy

If you would live magic
you must move beyond your pain
you must turn and face your fear
you must touch the demons
hold them
ignore your scorching flesh
(it is illusion)
cradle the flailing thing
cradle it
cradle it

Madonna with child
Madonna Madonna
cradle your demon self
until you can love it into healing
Magic is not easy.

If you would be magic
then listen
dance your demons with love
dance your demons until
they become love
fill your heart
with the mothers love
and dance your
shattered pieces into her love.

there are two rules
just two:
“An you harm none, do as you will”
“everything you do comes back to you,
a thousand-fold”

Magic is not easy
nothing changes unless the heart is in it
unless the will is in it
true magic demands two things
only two
Integrity and
Clear intent
because you must see truly what
you desire
before you can call it out
because only fools foul the well
where they daily
must drink.

Magic is not easy.



Sun in Cancer, 9987ada
(after development of agriculture – a women’s timekeeping system)

© 1987 by Oriethyia

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